Words from Richard Atkinson

Babies die, yes but that won’t happen to us. Our first child was an enjoyable pregnancy and we have a healthy little boy.

We were so overwhelmed with the exciting news of a second pregnancy. The news that we were going to have a little girl was so exciting we would have the perfect family (we had this already but with another addition would make it even more so).

It was on the morning of 26th May 2014 that I received a phone call from family to say that Ava had been born I was overwhelmed with happiness and needed to get back to the U.K to see Ava as I was currently abroad. My flight was at 10:10 there was no earlier flights scheduled.

Upon arriving at the airport and getting ready to board I called home to check on our beautiful little girl. Family answered and my heart sank as by the tone of their voice I knew something was terribly wrong.

It was then that I spoke to the consultant looking after Ava and he gave me the news that due to Ava being born so early and being very poorly that he didn’t think Ava would survive till I got home.

Ava passed away shortly after this, but even though I didn’t get to say hello or goodbye to her, I got to hold her for as long as I wanted.

We were given a memory box, and it has helped me to grieve knowing we have memories of Ava that we can look at whenever we want.

We decided that we didn’t want other parents not to have any physical memories of their baby so we decided to make and supply the boxes to as many units as possible throughout the U.K.

The boxes are self-funded through the charity and donated to the units free of charge. We work tirelessly to raise money to fund the boxes and would welcome any type of fundraising to help keep the neonatal units supplied with boxes.

Thank you

Richard ‘Ava’s Daddy’

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