Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

  • Sharon Robert’s Sponsored Swim

    Sharon Roberts decided to take to the pool and swim 2 miles. Sharon is a friend and wanted to do something to help raise funds. She raised £500

  • Kevin Green’s 107 mile cross country

    In memory of: Ayrora Rose Willoughby
    Event: Cotswold way 107 mile run., 10 Jun 2016 to 13 Jun 2016

    Kevin ran a lot for charity,this was his biggest challenge he had ever undertaken,the charity was close to his heart,and he was sure it is close to many. Kevin ran 107 miles over a weekend and raised in total £475.00

  • Kevin Green and Andrew Manton

    Team members: Kevin green Event: Birmingham Half Marathon, 16 Oct 2016

    Kev and Andy ran the Birmingham half marathon for Baby Ava's Support Foundation because A charity close to our lovely holly's heart. Kevin and Andrew raised £245

  • Sharon and Jill

    The "brief but brutal" race route breaks into several different sections - a gentle first 1/4 mile away from the level crossing, then a 1-in-5 section up to Birch Tree Lane. A steady climb up through the fields in full view of the horrors to come, and at last the truly killer bit - the 1-in-4 section past the most popular spectator spot outside the Cheshire View, whose front door is the 3/4 mile mark. Even the comparatively level section from the top corner to the Finish is still climbing - never have so many people "sprinted" so slowly. Sharon and Jill raised £106.00

  • Jacquie Brand

    In memory of: Corey Lewis Ikas Bradley

    Jacquie raised money to help support grieving parents for Baby Ava's Support Foundation because memories is all they have following her daughter receiving one of our memory boxes. She helped raise £226.57

  • Halloween Party

    A local halloween party took place at a local venue for the children and adults. The evening was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves. Total raised on the night was £800

  • The Full Monty

    5 local men decided to reenact the famous dance of The Full Monty. 150 women packed into a local venue to see these guys do the thing and raise money for the charity. The charities founder Richard was joined by local dads Jay, Russell, Dylon and Kevin a friend along with topless waiters and other adult acts. The evening had a raffle and in total raised £2100.

  • Alex and Sonya


    Alex and Sonya decided to climb Snowdon in the winter months to help raise funds for the charity. Funds are still being collected

  • Tink's 10 10 10

    Jamie taylor tasked herself with a mammoth task. To raise money for Baby Ava's Support Foundation by raising £10000 by only starting with £10 in 10 weeks. Tink has just turned 10 so she has armed herself with a tenner and will buy, sell, hustle and event organise the whole lot herself. She tries so hard to make a difference with zero personal gain. So far Tink has raised £500


    Team members: Atli Coakley, Dominika Stoddart, Beth Patterson, Colleen Burke
    Event: 1216 mile Static Bike cycle, 01 Aug 2016 to 05 Aug 2016

    The team cycled on a static bike challenge covering 1216 mile to copy the massive challenge that was being under taken by 5 guys that cycled from Benidorm to Redditch. The team took it in turns to get on a static bike and get some miles in whilst in work. They raised £1128.00

  • Faye Brevitt’s Running Challenge

    In memory of: Ethan Smith

    Faye planning on completing a variety of running events, progressing from 5k and culminating in a marathon. Her plan is to complete numerous, 5k, 10k and half marathon distances before completing a marathon next year. She is embarking on this challenge to raise funds for the Baby Ava's Support Foundation. She picked this charity following the devastating loss of my nephew, Ethan William Smith who was prematurely born sleeping. My brother and sister in law were given a memory box in memory of Ethan' life, which this charity supply. The thought that goes into these boxes and it's contents are so meaningful and supportive during a time that no parent should have to experience and which words can't describe the grief experienced. So far Faye has raised £635.00

  • Natasha Tweedie

    Event: London Marathon

    Natasha meet with the charity whilst working in a hospital in London and loved the memory boxes and the thought that goes into them that she decided she wanted to raise funds for the charity by running the London Marathon. Natasha raised £560.07

  • Celtic Cup

    42 men decided to choose the charity this year to raise funds and invited Richard along.The event was a golfing weekend and including green fees going to the charity and auction and also a raffle. The weekend was a great success and the teams raised £3400

Richard Atkinson

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It doesn't matter what you think you can or can't do, many people help us raise money.  As you can see from some of the things people have done, this can be anything.  It doesn't matter how much is raised, £1 or £1Million, every penny goes towards helping others.


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