Keepsake Memory Boxes

The reason why we are raising money is so that we can make keepsake memory boxes.

Each box contains a hand and foot print cast kit so that a mould of the child's hand and foot will be able to be made.  2 identical teddies one to remain with the child and the other for the parents.  There is a Angel candle where it can be lit every year on the child's birthday, a small plastic bag within a keepsake bag for a lock of the child's hair.  A star on a chain for the mother to wear (we added this to the box as we told our son his sister was a big star in the sky), a in the hands of angels key ring.  there are also forget me not seeds that once planted will flower every year.  The last thing that is in the box are 2 blankets one a fleece one and a hand knitted one